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A word From the founder

The world is witnessing rapid changes & development in the field of economics, know-how, & technology. These changes impact heavily on various economic, social, & human relations activities. It is actually reshaping the mode of economics, social, & cultural life in various countries...

Innovative solution in a developed environment

Modern legal business environment is characterized by its complexities which are a reflection of economic environment, economic businesses, investment, & the drastic change in the mechanism and ways & mean of investment more

Who are we

Ali bin Abdullah & association Law firm has been established as a promising legal consulting center that works according to a distinguished legal thinking vision which depends on innovative solution for various legal matters whatsoever its complexity.

Join us

The challenge and unique opportunity for companies and investors is the increased focus on corporate social responsibility that ensures that the company's activities will benefit the community in which we work. At Ali bin Abdullah bin Ali and his partners we have created an internal ethical framework in parallel with knowing the upcoming trends of social responsibility

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