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Areas of Practice

Our specialized services include multiple options to suit all needs and can be summarized as follows:

Legal Consultations

Providing all legal advice in full compliance with local laws and regulations.

Litigation and Pleading

Representing clients in all litigation procedures for all kinds of cases before courts and judicial authorities and before judicial and quasi-judicial committees of all types and judicial levels.

Business and Corporate Sector

All necessary procedures for registering companies, commercial agencies, and trademarks, as well as restructuring companies, including formation and dissolution of entities, mergers, and acquisitions. In addition to corporate governance services, corporate liquidation, and bankruptcy cases.

Foreign Investment

Providing all services and legal consultations related to foreign investment, such as issuing licenses and commer-cial records and representation before official and unofficial entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Legal Documentation

Offering outstanding legal documentation services using modern electronic means.


Providing alternative dispute resolution methods, such as arbitration, conciliation, legal mediation, and amicable settlements.

Labor and Employment Laws

All services related to labor regulations, labor disputes.

Intellectual Property

All legal services related to intellectual property rights, such as registration of patents and trademarks.

Real Estate

Providing legal services related to real estate and mortgage laws and regulations and direct real estate investment.

Technology and Communications

Everything related to the laws of communications, electronic transactions, and cybersecurity.

Public-Private Partnership

Offering all legal advice for an effective and positive partnership between the public and private sectors.

Contracts and Agreements

Preparing memorandums of understanding and reviewing contracts and agreements.

Insurance Sector

Providing all services and legal consultations related to the insurance sector.

Engineering and Construction

Preparing all contracting contracts and supervising their implementation from the legal aspects.

Financial Services and Islamic Financing Systems

The services we provide in the banking field include all the legal aspects related to financial services and Islamic financing systems.

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