Ali Bin Abdullah Bin Ali

/ Founder

Co Managing Partner is responsible for a wide range of litigation, arbitration and commercial issues in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, relying on his experience of more than 25 years, providing advice to a distinguished elite of clients locally and globally. Mr. Ali has experience in relation to a number of corporate and commercial issues (including commercial and financing agreements, joint ventures, foreign investment, company formation, acquisitions and mergers between companies, and litigation and litigation). In addition to preparing legal advice for individuals, institutions and companies in various civil, commercial and labor fields in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Ali has studied, prepared and drafted contracts and agreements of all kinds, civil, commercial, administrative and labor, reviewed them, entered into negotiations and their requirements, and provided advice in their regard. Mr. Ali has high experience in preparing and drafting the articles of incorporation of commercial companies of all kinds and within the framework of the Saudi Companies Law and the Foreign Investment Law, and initiating the necessary legal procedures for their incorporation and registration, including a month, amending the articles of association, extracting their commercial records, opening branches, and providing legal advice. Relevant to the establishment, registration and listing of companies, transfer of ownership, and carrying out all legal procedures to amend foreign, Saudi and mixed-capital articles of incorporation, as well as the transformation of individual institutions into companies and the transformation of companies into individual institutions.